How to Create the Mindset of a Network Marketing Champion

Dave O’Connor’s book, published in January 2016 — and co-authored by Nat — explores Natalie Heeley’s rise to network marketing champion using the author’s own training methodology.

Across 21 chapters, Dave gives his detailed insights and actions you need to take to become a world-class networker. In each chapter, Natalie tells how she used Dave’s methods to build her business and to become not only the top distributor in the UK, but number three in the world.

Totally loving the new book by mindset champion Dave O’Connor & Natalie Heeley.

It’s a really easy read, full of doable tasks, tricks and tips to help move your network marketing business forward. Interweaving his training with the story of one of his long-standing clients, Natalie Heeley, Dave shows how keeping up with basic activities can propel anyone (willing to work it assiduously) to network marketing stardom.

The book includes a 21 day action plan, showing how to use visualisation and positive thinking for best effects. I have only been doing the vision exercise for a few weeks and I’m already noticing changes eg finding it easier to approach people without being attached to outcome.

If you are serious about your network marketing business, you will definitely want this book to have and to use – not for “shelf development”

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