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Network Marketing Recruitment: 15 Powerful Tips To Grow Your Business!

When it comes to network marketing recruitment and growing your business, it is often just the thought of putting oneself out there where many people throw in the towel without even giving it their best shot!

I know I wanted to when I just started my biz…

So many fears and limiting beliefs (oh hi rejection) bubble to the surface when we ‘sell’ ourselves/our products/our ideas to people.

Not to mention dealing with the negative responses we may get when talking to friends or family. 

But, like with anything worth going after in life, when you can learn how to do it well by being genuine, becoming a great listener and working hard, you will create a rock-solid business and learn to deal with setbacks more so when people say “no.” 

Because I know what it’s like when just starting out, in this article I wanted to share some insights and tips on how you can master the skill of recruitment so that you too can have a thriving network marketing business. 

There are many components that go into recruiting successfully, so pour yourself a glass of something tasty and let’s dive right in. 

15 Powerful Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

The below tips will help you master the art of recruitment so you can build your biz with full confidence that you are doing it with integrity and heart as the leader you know you are. 

1. ‘Decide’ With All Conviction

Decide that this is the path that you’re going to take and that no fear is going to get in the way of making your dreams come true. 

Decide that you will not give up, no matter how challenging building a business may be. 

When you make this decision, you are making a promise to yourself and by doing so you can keep yourself accountable. 

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2. Develop A Recruiting Mindset

Develop A Recruiting Mindset

Developing a recruiting mindset is important. You want to be looking for people who are also business builders. 

Sure, you may have some who are just customers, and that’s great, but if you want to scale, you have to find people who also want to build. 

Think of it in the same way as a recruiter who is looking to fill a job position. They are going to look for the most qualified person to fill that position, and this person is going to want that job. 

A recruiter is not going to put a candidate forward if they think this person is sitting on the fence at all. 

It works the same with network marketing!

It’s not about convincing others about why they should think differently.

Or fighting with people who you hope will eventually become interested in growing a business with you.

It’s a process where you show the plan to a few people every day until you get a “yes, I’m in! I want to do this too!”

From here, you can put in the effort to help that person get going into the system and growing with you. 

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3.    Make Friends

Making friends and building relationships is what this business is about, and it doesn’t mean it’s always done with prospecting in mind. 

I have made some incredible friends through my business. If I had succumbed to my fear of speaking to people, I would not have these people in my life now, and that would be truly dreadful. 

Creating friendships is also a lot easier to do when you just start building. You’re putting yourself out there by making new friends, but without the pressure of prospecting. 

As you interact with them and share what it is you do etc. you will naturally make them like, trust, or get attracted to you.

Make friends with network marketing

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4. Develop Positive Daily Habits

Start by having a daily morning routine you stick to every day — it’s what sets you up for the day (meditation, exercise, watching something motivational, etc.). 

Then for your business, commit to connecting with at least 1 or 2 people each day in your network. Call them, pop them a message, or comment on their post on social media. Let them know you care and that you’re here.

woman doing exercise

Another positive habit could be introducing your business opportunity or products to at least one person in your network every day.

Make sure you keep doing self-development, and while you’re putting in the time and effort to build your biz, it’s essential to be building yourself first and foremost. 

Also, manage your day productively so that you can get the most out of it. 

Learn how to work productively by reading my article ‘9 Ways to Increase Productivity Working From Home During Covid-19’ here.

5. Tell Good Stories

Get good at becoming a storyteller; this is how you can connect to people emotionally as opposed to just regurgitating information. 

This could be stories about your own personal journey or your upline, downline, your company, the products, or your compensation plan.

It’s all about establishing a genuine human connection.

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6. Sponsor Your Recruits

network marketing recruitment quote

When you take your business seriously and build with integrity you will avoid just recruiting for the sake of getting numbers. 

Signing someone up is one thing, but helping them succeed by supporting them and being a leader is where all the value lies. 

You’re not just building a business, you’re building people. 

And as Zig Ziglar says “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

7. Don’t Force Your Biz on Family and Friends

Don’t be one of those people that accost their family and friends at every opportunity they get to tell them about this “great business opportunity.”

By all means, share with them what it is you’re doing and how exciting it is, but let what you share about your experience attract them to ask questions and pique their interest. 

If they ever say “no,” let it go and don’t chase them. 

Often in MLM businesses, you get told to make a list of 100 people you know, and while that’s not necessarily wrong, it’s important to know that most successful MLMers have very few people from their original list of 100 people in their business. 

Many times what can happen is friends and family who do join your business often times come after seeing your success. 

You’ve got to treat your MLM business like any other and focus on your specific target market of people who will want your product/ services and business opportunity. 

8. Listen And Be a Master at Asking Questions

Listening and asking questions is as important, if not more, than talking and telling your prospect about your business. 

The only way you can find out what their needs and wants are is by asking questions. 

Many people can go in all gung-ho, more focused on talking about the compensation plan, products, and services and how their company is so amazing than asking their prospects the right questions.

By asking questions you will be able to tap into the storyteller in you and connect with them through either your experience or someone else’s you know of (like your upline) and sell with that in mind:

  • What are your goals and dreams in life?
  • Where do you see the life of you/your family in 3-5 years?
  • What are you doing right now to move yourself closer to the life of your dreams?
  • Do you have a plan of how you’re going to get there?
  • How will making an extra income change your life right now?

This will be so much more personal than just any old generic pitch everyone at every single network marketing company is doing. 

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9. Avoid Putting Too Much Pressure On Each Individual Prospect

There is nothing worse than a person who is super pushy. Don’t be that person that someone will want to get a restraining order against because you don’t know when to quit. 

There is no reason for you to be desperate for people saying “yes,” remember you are looking for people who are also looking for you and what you’re offering — those are the right people. 

You will repel people away and give your MLM company a bad rap if you don’t have any good boundaries with people. “No” is no and then move swiftly on. 

10. Enthusiasm

You are the energy of your biz and how you attract people is through your energy. So it’s essential that you be enthusiastic and joyful about what you’re doing and what you are inviting others to join. 

An energetic, optimistic and positive attitude will attract people to you. These traits are infectious, which means people will naturally feel good around you. That’s what you want every single time you are recruiting. 

When people think of you, you want them to smile. That’s the energy you’ve got to tap into. 

11. Keep your WHY at the forefront

The only way you are going to face your fears (like speaking to people/rejection) and move through the challenges of building a network marketing business is by keeping your WHY at the forefront of your mind. 

Remind yourself every single day why you are doing this.

That you will do anything to achieve your dreams!

This WHY will get you through the hard times and it will keep pushing you until the dam wall finally breaks. 

12. Be A Leader, Not Just A Recruiter

Remember that the journey really begins when someone signs up with you and then it’s up to you to be a guide for that person and help them enter into the process of everything. 

This is leadership.

They are trusting you to show them the way, not just sign them up and forget about them. 

Natalie Heeley Womens business coach

Develop your leadership skills by reading my article ‘How To Improve Leadership Skills When Building A Business’ here. 

13. Address COVID-19 

woman holding mask

Be honest with people and talk about the state of the economy right now because of Covid-19.

Your prospects are likely feeling stressed and scared about their finances and taking care of their families. 

Speak to their concerns and help them understand that there are ways they can create side incomes, and one of those solutions is working together with you. 

Network marketing is one of the best COVID-19 or recession-proof businesses because we can not only build our businesses from home, but people will always have to buy products, especially if it’s for their health. 

Online marketing makes building your business from home much easier and removes the need to have to host home meetings like back in the day (honouring social distancing rules). 

During a recession, prospects are hyper-sensitive to making more money and this can bring forth success with network marketing.

Use what is happening in the world as a way to really connect with people so that you can genuinely help them and thrive together. 

14. Be Genuine and Ethical

Stay in integrity always.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not and don’t make claims that are untrue, EVER. 

When people behave unethically and are ingenuine this can lead people to believe that this is the ethos of the company when in truth it’s not. 

A legitimate MLM company will always want you to be honest in your dealings with customers and potential recruits. 

When you genuinely believe in a product or what the business can offer someone, that enthusiasm will naturally sell to people.

Just don’t be over the top or make over-exaggerated claims that lead people to question what you’re selling

15. Don’t Take Rejection Personally

This has got to be one of the most difficult parts of business building for anyone that is just starting.

It’s very easy to let rejection make one feel undervalued and question whether “selling” is just not what they’re good at…

I’m here to tell you that you are already “selling” your ideas, recommendations and opinions to those in your own network on a daily basis — and the fact is not everyone is going to be a good fit for your business!

Getting better at building a network marketing business is all about just getting out there, letting go of any attachment you have to the outcome and learning to not take a “no” personally. 

A person’s lack of interest is not a reflection of you or what you’re proposing, it’s got to do with them and where they are currently at.

With enough patience, self-belief and hard work, you will learn to look at rejection as just another “no” closer to someone who will become an amazing recruit!

My Top Tips for How to Recruit Online for Network Marketing

network marketing recruitment online
  • Learn About the Target Market – you’ve got to know which products and content the audience wants to see and which problems they’re looking to solve. 
  • Take Things Slow – streamline your efforts and don’t try to do a million things at once. That goes for the platforms you use as well as the digital strategies and messaging you implement. 
  • Create a Website – this is great for having a platform to direct people to, so they can get more info and see what you are all about. 
  • Constantly Grow and Develop – the online world is forever changing and innovating. In order to keep up, you will have to continually learn. This can involve keeping up with marketing trends and learning about your consumer base. 
  • Use the Power of Social Media – this is an incredible tool to use and can definitely help to increase your businesses visibility. In my book “How Social Networking Doubled My Business” I go into detail about how I leveraged social media to build a multi-million pound business from home. Get a copy of yours here.
  • Create Engaging Content – this is a big one. It’s important to offer your audience value and make yourself seen as an authority of some kind. This is exactly what I do by creating these blog posts and many of the other free network marketing resources I have available. 
  • Consistency is Essential – keep showing up in any and all ways you can and don’t stop. 
  • Retrieve Emails – emails give you direct access to an individual allowing you to speak straight to them. Create email campaigns or a monthly newsletter and make sure you’re staying top of mind.

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Ready to do Network Marketing Recruitment With Heart?

Recruiting can seem like the biggest hurdle to get over initially, but when you can shift your mindset from feeling icky about selling to excited about sharing this incredible opportunity you know will help someone, the game changes and recruiting will become easier. 

I hope that you got value out of this article and that it’s given you some helpful gems to go out there and recruit from the heart, with heart!

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below and feel free to ask me any questions you may have about network marketing recruitment. 

Please click the social icons below to share this article with all those in your inner circle that you feel it will bring value to, until next time.

With love,

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