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15 Tips On How To Build A Strong Mindset As An MLM Entrepreneur

Learning how to build a strong mindset is one of the most important keys to being an entrepreneur and building a successful business—be it network marketing or any other. 

If you can master your mindset your success will be inevitable, there is no question about that. This was something I had to seriously work on when I started my Forever business.  

You will most definitely face adversities and challenges in business and that is why you will need to develop a thick skin and a strong mindset.  

In this article, we look at when you know it’s time to change your mindset and tips that will help you build a strong mindset. 

So pull on a cosy jumper, grab a warm drink and let’s dive in. 

How To Build A Strong Mindset

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How To Know When It’s Time To Shift Your Mindset

Changing your mindset is no easy task, but it definitely is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. 

Becoming aware and learning how to recognise a negative mindset is the first and most essential step. 

Once you do, you will be empowered to make those changes and start seeking out the positive. When things happen things in your life and business will shift dramatically. 

1. You constantly focus on what’s wrong

You find yourself constantly fixating on all the things that are going wrong or what you feel disappointed by. 

You cling to the negative, rarely looking at the positive perspective. Regardless of what negative aspects may be true, there are always silver linings and things to be grateful for. 

It’s important to be able to identify this especially when times feel more challenging.

2. You rarely celebrate your achievements 

This one is connected to the sign above. How often do you gloss over a win or think that something isn’t a big deal to celebrate? 

When you do this, it’s often because, on a conscious or unconscious level, you do not actually believe in your success or that it’s possible for you to be successful.  

This creates a loop of negativity because you are continuously sending yourself the same message—hello self-sabotage. This is not a healthy way to live. 

It’s really important to celebrate your wins, no matter how small they are, especially in business. 

3. You find yourself complaining or getting annoyed with everything 

This could be getting annoyed about the weather—it’s too hot or too cold. Or wishing the lady at the grocery store packed your items better. 

You may feel like this extreme need to want to control everything instead of just accepting things as they are. 

You want to get to a place where you can accept the things that you can’t control and take initiative on the things you can. 

4. Unmet expectations make you feel angry 

If you are constantly finding that the world around you or the people in your life (including yourself) are not meeting your expectations, it’s most likely due to your expectations being unrealistic. 

Expectations provide a foundation for your experiences. If you have unrealistically high expectations, nothing will ever satisfy you. The key is to find a balance. 

If you have an expectation of building a network marketing business that reaches 1 mil in one year, you have to really think about how realistic that is and if you’re able to commit to the action that it will take to make that happen. 

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5. Nothing satisfies you and you feel unhappy with everything you have (or lack)

Often when you are so focused on your goals and dreams, the drive of ambition can blind you to all the beautiful things that already exist in your life. 

Maybe you want a bigger home or newer car but there was once a time when you didn’t have what you have now—it’s essential to remind yourself of this. 

You can always strive for more but it will never truly satisfy you until you appreciate what you do have at this moment. 

6. You find yourself having regular rows with the people you care about

The people in your life can be a great reflection of what you need to look at within. 

If you find that you are constantly disagreeing with the people closest to you, this may be a sign that your mindset may need some attention, especially if you trust those people and respect and value their opinions. 

7. You see yourself as a victim 

I’m not talking about instances where perhaps you have been victimized by bad people or circumstances, rather it’s how you see yourself in most of your life’s experiences. 

The problem with this is that you will constantly feel like things are happening ‘to you’ as opposed to ‘for you’. 

The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is to stop being a victim of your circumstances and take control of what you can—like shifting your mindset. 

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8. You hold onto the opinions of others

Oftentimes, the negative mindset that you find yourself struggling with is a reflection of the messages and conditioning you may have been exposed to throughout your life

As humans, we are constantly influenced by those around us. It could be something a parent said to you or a previous partner that made you feel less than. 

Without even realising it you can carry these stories around with you and let them play out in your life. 

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15 Tips To Build A Strong Mindset

1. Change Your Thoughts By Creating Positive Affirmations

A powerful way to do this is by noticing your negative affirmations when they come up and then reframing them to be positive. 

So changing “I can’t” to “I can”, “it’s hard to “it’s easy” etc. Affirmations, both negative and positive impact the neurological functioning of the brain.

Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. Write down a few positive affirmations and place them in places around the house where you will see them often. 

2. Use The Power Of Intention

Randy Jackson, former host of American Idol and prolific business leader in the music industry, had mentioned in an interview that artists like David Bowie and Madonna had a mindset so strong that it produced a voracious belief in their future success. 

They acted as if their success and fame were real, long before they had attained it.

This is a perfect example of how successful people use the power of intention to establish belief systems around the things they desire to create or experience. Then they make them real. 

If you want to be a millionaire or a successful business owner, you need to act like it way before it happens. 

How To Build A Strong Mindset

3. Study How To Cultivate The Right Mindset

The author of this book, Dave O’Connor, is an international speaker and success coach. 

His mission is to help as many people as possible to reach their full potential. He is a Mindset Mentor to many top players in Network Marketing as well as to business leaders and company CEO’s, including myself. 

With Dave as my Mindset Mentor, I was able to overcome my self-limiting beliefs and I defeated the fears that were holding me back. 

This book uses me as an example and inspiration for what’s possible. This book takes you through Dave’s twenty-one-step plan that will allow you to create the Mindset of a Champion.

Read it, commit to it and take back the power of your mind and future.

4. Practise Gratitude

Practising gratitude is one the most powerful ways you can help build a strong mindset. 

When you learn to count your blessings and appreciate all the things you presently have in your life, you will immediately feel much happier. 

And then when you do reach your goals or achieve more, it’s made so much sweeter because it’s an added bonus to what you already have. 

5. Connect To Your Inner Child And Allow For Playfulness

Children are known to not take life too seriously and sometimes as adults we could use this reminder. 

Remember to play and have fun especially when life seems so serious and you’re deep in building a business. 

Being a role model for your kids

6. Be Present

When building a business it can be very easy to find yourself living in the future. 

I will be happy when I achieve XYZ

Do not associate happiness with future events. You are postponing your happiness for the future that is completely uncertain. 

The time to experience happiness and joy is right now no matter which stage of your business you may be in. 

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7. Your Body Is Your Temple, Honor It

Health is wealth—one of the greatest ways you can build a strong mindset is by looking after your body. Exceptionally successful people know the connection between a healthy brain and body and professional success. 

Exercise regularly, eat nourishing and wholesome foods and take vitamins that feed your entire system. 

The path to greatness includes physical and emotional demands that are more manageable when your mind and body are strong and healthy.

Check out these healthy smoothie recipes!

8. Shift Your Mindset By Meditating Daily

Meditation intends to calm your mind so you can become aware of your thoughts and emotions. 

A meditation practice helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level while also lowering your baseline of stress and anxiety—something that is needed when you’re an entrepreneur.

Successful people know that moments of stillness dissolve distractions and stress, supporting them as they go.

9. Make Time To Think

How To Build A Strong Mindset

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you understand the importance of taking time to reflect. 

Intentional introspection is needed so you can examine your progress and give your mind the space needed to notice new ideas or opportunities.

10. Learn To Deal With Negative Thoughts

This takes time and it’s a process—first you need to become aware of your negative thoughts. 

It’s about learning how you can deal with them in the most productive way. It’s easy to say “just think positively”, but that’s not actually realistic. 

Instead of suppressing negativity, accept that negative thoughts are simply thoughts with no inherent power. Replace the negative thought with a new one that will better serve you.

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11. Don’t Listen To The Haters

When you play big, there is always going to be someone with a negative opinion hating on your ideas or success. 

Don’t give your power away by feeding into the external judgement and allowing the opinions of others to derail your dreams and self-confidence

12. Work With A Coach

As I mentioned earlier I worked with Dave O’Connor as my Mindset coach for many years. This was a game-changer for me and the success of my business. 

Speak to any successful person and they will share the importance of working with a coach to help them stay focused, remain accountable to the process and hone their craft. 

A coach can be an essential ingredient to pushing you further, keeping you accountable and helping you take your success to the next level.

13. Keep Learning

When looking at how to build a strong mindset, dedication to reading and learning is on top of that list.

Successful people are voracious readers. A commitment to self-development and earning is a key ingredient for a strong growth mindset. Here’s a list of 20 must-read network marketing books.

14. Have Clear Goals

It’s easy to dream about what you want, but if you don’t have a clear idea of what your heart truly desires to achieve, then how would you know what to focus on in life.

Goal setting is such an essential cog in the wheel to life in that it helps you decide and focus on what’s really important to you.

It gets you clear on your future and then gives you steps to creating it. 

How To Build A Strong Mindset

When you are able to effectively set goals you can then measure your progress and visualise your dreams.

When you have the big picture in mind you’re able to overcome procrastination because you know what you’re working hard towards.  

Setting goals will also keep you fully accountable to yourself and others.

15. Laugh

Laughter is quite literally the best medicine, it releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” chemical, which enables us to let go of stress and negativity. 

Make time to laugh every day with your loved ones or watch something humorous on the internet—I do love a good dog reel or cat meme!

Ready To Build A Strong Mindset?

When looking at how to build a strong mindset, be gentle with yourself and the process. It’s not about changing overnight. 

Cultivating self-awareness and creating new habits takes time. 

When your mind is strong, you can handle the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. 

When your mind is weak, you’re vulnerable to making bad decisions due to burnout, fear and panic. 

Being an entrepreneur is no easy journey but when you have the right tools to support you, it’s made so much easier. 

I hope this article has served you on how to build a strong mindset and provided you with some helpful insights. 

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With love,

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