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13 Tips When Presenting Your Network Marketing Opportunity To People

When it comes to how to be presenting your network marketing opportunity to people there is some skill required. 

It’s easy to be disheartened when you see how charming and persuasive some people can be, but with a bit of intentional skill and authenticity, that too can be you. 

Knowing how to present is an integral part of building your business and so learning how to do it properly can be a game-changer in not only this area, but the rest of your life too.

In this article, I explore some helpful and practical ways you can start presenting like a boss today. 

13 Sales Tips and Tricks To Make Your Presentation Perfect

1. Be Authentic

Learning how to sell is something we think we have to do, but really all that’s required is refining what we already do. 

We are constantly “selling.”

When you share with a friend about a new nail salon you visited or restaurant you ate at, you are inadvertently selling. We do it all the time without even realising it. 

Now when it comes to your business we tend to hit a roadblock and feel uncomfortable about sharing because we’re afraid of coming off “salesy.”

I encourage you to drop this notion and come from a place of complete authenticity because when you can share from here, people will see the potential of your business.  

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2. Ask Them To Share Their Thoughts 

Verbally bulldozing someone will definitely not encourage a person to join your network marketing business. 

It’s important that while you are sharing the opportunity with them you ask them for their thoughts and not force your views onto them. 

If they come back with some heavy concerns, instead of outright telling them they are wrong or that it’s not like that at all, approach them with: 

“I know you have some well-thought-out opinions on Y. Are you open to discussing them?” or “I completely understand why you may feel that way about X, this has been my experience and what I’ve come to understand…”

3.    Match Their Reasoning

Remember that saying “fight fire with fire,” well turns out it’s actually a very clever technique for persuasion. 

Research shows that when you use the same type of reasoning as the person you’re trying to present to, this is a lot more effective than using a different one.

If the person you are presenting to is being logical, use logic too. If they happen to be making decisions based on their emotions, encourage them with emotional reasoning.

Use this list to help you differentiate between different arguments types. Bring awareness to which words the other person is using.

Logical Reasoning Words:

  • Analyze
  • Calculate
  • Conclude
  • Compel
  • Determine
  • Discover
  • Find
  • Gauge
  • Hypothesize
  • Predict
  • Reveal
  • Think
  • Validate
  • Verify

Emotional Reasoning Words:

  • Believe
  • Feel
  • Guess
  • Imagine
  • Intuit
  • Suppose
  • Suspect

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4. Give Them A Genuine Compliment

Compliments when done genuinely can have such a positive effect on a person. It can immediately turn a stranger into a friend. 

Try complementing the person you are presenting to on something they may not typically be complimented for.

When you can sincerely connect with someone like this they are far more likely to be encouraged by what you are offering. 

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5. The Counter-Argument

You should always be prepared for any counter-arguments you think the person that you’re presenting to will bring up. 

With this said, I even encourage bringing up counter-arguments for them.

It might sound counterproductive.

However, a meta-analysis of 107 studies with a total of 20,111 participants showed that, across the board, two-sided arguments are more compelling than one-sided ones.

It’s essential to refute the counter-argument after you’ve raised it—otherwise, this approach won’t work so well.

For example, you could tell the person, “I know you may be concerned that this is a pyramid scheme and I too can understand where that concern comes from, but I would love to explain and show you how this company is not one of those.”

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6. Speak Directly And With Clarity 

No matter how compelling you might think your presentation is if you are not delivering it in a clear, concise and direct way the whole thing will go downhill from there.

Make sure you are speaking and using language in a way that this person will understand and relate to.

7. Share Both Positives And Negatives

This ties in with the counter-argument tip I discussed above.

Just focusing on the positive aspects of the opportunity you’re presenting will actually be a disservice to you. 

According to University of Illinois professor Daniel O’Keefe, sharing an opposing viewpoint or two is more useful than sticking only to your point of view.

It’s about being real with this person, you were once in their shoes, how did you feel before you joined? 

Don’t beat around the bush, talk to them about things they may be considering or are concerned about. 

When you bring up the negative aspects you can then address them head on and put their mind at ease right then and there before they overthink anything. 

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8. Make Your Words Powerful

You’ve got to make sure that the presentation itself includes words that will actually elicit a response from the person you’re speaking to. 

This can be easily done by framing your statements around key phrases such as “financial freedom,” “work from home,” “passive income” etc. 

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9. Dress Up, But Don’t Talk Down

Presenting your network marketing opportunity like a pro

Dress how you want to feel. So if you want to feel confident, wear something that exudes that for you. 

Regardless of whether I’m meeting someone in person or over a video call I dress for success.

How you present yourself can really have an effect on how the other person receives you. 

But remember, there is a clear difference between being confident and being arrogant.

So even though you might feel like the bee’s knees, don’t let that make you think you’re better than someone else. 

10. Focus On The Future

When I present to someone new I like to speak in the future tense.

This establishes confidence in the relationship and it tells the person you are here to move forward with them. 

This can be done by using the word “will.”

Phrases like “We will” and “Then we’ll do this” will get the person used to the idea that this is going to happen.

With that said, don’t overdo it and come across pushy.

You don’t want to be making decisions for the other person, instead, you want to get them excited about all the possibilities the business can offer. 

11. Avoid Verbal Fillers

Everytime you use typical “millennial or Gen Z speak” and interrupt your speech with—”like”, “um”, “uh”—you immediately lose credibility with the person you’re pitching to. Regardless of how important what you have to say is, it won’t matter. 

You want your speech to flow naturally, so if you have to, practise what you want to say before you meet the person. 

12. Be A Master Of Timing

Timing can completely make or break your presentation.

If you catch someone at a rubbish time they are not going to be interested in anything you have to say, even if it’s something they would likely want to do. 

So get some understanding of who you’re going to be speaking with. If they’re a mom, mornings might be best when the kids have gone to school as opposed to evenings when they’re completely knackered.

Find out what time would be best to speak with them. 

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13. Build To Your Emotions

Excitement and enthusiasm are good, but let these emotional responses build naturally within the conversation as opposed to being like this from the get-go. 

You don’t want to overwhelm the person with too much emotion that they are unable to relate to yet. 

As I mentioned earlier, be authentic in how you present the information.

If excitement is what you feel this person needs then start sprinkling some of that emotion in from the start. 

Otherwise a good rule of thumb is to start a conversation on a relaxed, yet upbeat note. Then as you start talking, you can gradually grow more passionate and excited about what you’re sharing with them. 

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How To Build Rapport for Presentation Success

Building rapport is such a powerful way to connect and gain trust with people, hence why I’m expanding further on this below. 

You are naturally more drawn to a person when they are like you.

This reaches beyond our conscious decisions to our unconscious behaviours.  

When we mirror and match others habitual behaviours (body language, cadence, language patterns, etc.) you are able to build a sense of rapport where people feel more at ease with you and become more open to what you’re offering.

Make sure you’re not being overly obvious with this so they don’t feel you are mimicking them.

1. ‘Match’ your body language to the person you’re speaking to.

So if they cross their right leg, then you cross your right leg too, if they put their left hand on their hip, you do the same. 

 2. ‘Mirror’ your body language.

This is similar to ‘matching,’ in that you are simply ‘mirroring’ body language.

So if the person you’re speaking with makes a hand gesture with their right hand, when you start to speak you would make a similar hand gesture with the opposite hand (so it’s like you are mirroring them).

Subtlety is key here!

3. Adjust the volume of your voice to suit the person you are speaking with.

This may seem obvious, but often it’s not.

You might be someone who is very boisterous and speaks loudly, that’s not going to work well with someone who is quiet and soft spoken. 

So if their voice is much softer than yours then it will pay off to not shout at them.

Same goes for if they have a loud voice— adjust your voice accordingly so it matches their style of speaking. 

4. Adjust the speed of your voice so it’s in time with your conversation.

As you would adjust the volume of your voice, you should do the same for speed. 

If the person you are presenting your network marketing opportunity to speaks a lot slower than you, talking very fast over them is not going to get you any brownie points. 

This will likely break rapport and result in them feeling annoyed, so make sure you match the ‘pace’ of the person you are speaking with. 

5. Notice what’s important to the person you are engaging with.

The key here is to listen attentively, take note of any words or topics that keep coming up. This will indicate what’s significant to them. 

When you repeat the same words or focus on the same topics, they will feel like you are really listening and understanding them. 

An example: if this person keeps mentioning time with family and how spending time with her children is a priority, then you will tell them how you understand how important family time is and explain how this business can afford them that. 

Ready To Tap Into Your Most Powerful Self?

When you first start to present and share your network marketing opportunity it can be really daunting, but just remind yourself that every person has had to start where you are. 

It gets easier, I promise!

I hope that these practical tips on how to ace it when presenting your network marketing business has been as helpful for you as it’s been for me. 

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below and feel free to ask me any questions you may have on how to be convincing.

Please click the social icons below to share this article with all those in your inner circle that you feel it will bring value to, until next time.

With love,

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