A Day In The Life of a 40 Year Old Mum

1am – Wake up, search for the body pillow that fell to the floor. Spend five minutes getting comfortable. Drift back to sleep.

1:15am – Your eyes fly open. You run to the bathroom.

2:30am – Wake up to carefully roll over and adjust the pillow between your knees.

6:15am – You realise you cannot lay in bed another minute because your back is aching and your bladder is about to explode…again!!

6:30am – While reaching for the coffee jar, you remember you kicked the caffeine habit 28 weeks ago and begrudgingly reach for the caffeine free tea bags instead. You polish off two bowls of porridge smothered in Forever Bee Honey and wonder what else might be in the fridge…

7am – In the shower you pick up your razor then realise you can’t see your legs anyway and put the razor back on the shelf. You can deal with hairy legs for another 10 weeks, right people? RIGHT??!

7:15am – Everything in your wardrobe looks like a tent. Hmph. You stop for a second and gaze lovingly at your beautiful Laboutins that you can no longer get on, as since being pregnant, your feet have gone from a size 6 to a 7 – does anyone know why that even happens??!!

7.20am – You get dressed feeling beyond grateful that your first meeting of the day is via Skype so you only have to look smart on your top half!

7.30am – Message your 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son via FaceTime to get their bottoms out of bed and into the shower as you don’t want to raise your blood pressure by yelling them for the umpteenth time!

8:00am – Wave the kids off on the school bus, pour a cuppa tea and catch up on messages from the team, colleagues and follow up new prospects

9:00am – First planning meeting of the day… you find yourself praying that you don’t need to wee during the call and if you do need to go, is it acceptable when pregnant to leave the laptop outside the toilet and continue the meeting through the bathroom door?!

10:30am – Walk into head office, field 20 questions from coworkers about your pregnancy. Fifteen of those questions are variations of “how are you feeling?”

10:35am – Arrrggghhh! Why are people taking so long in the toilet; don’t they realise there is a pregnant woman at the office?

10:40am – Someone asks you to do something. You make a mental note and head back to the conference room.

10:43am – You sheepishly return to said person and ask them “What was it you asked me to do again?”

11am – Thank goodness you remembered a stash of biscuits and snacks at the bottom of your handbag… it’s been at least half an hour since you last ate something… What’s for lunch???

11:30am – Bathroom break! Maybe you should just move this meeting to the ladies? That might be easier…

12pm – Lunchtime. Yes!! You wonder how much food you can purchase at Waitrose on your way home that will fit in the boot of your Porsche 911 alongside the orders you’ve just picked up from the Product Centre.

12:30pm – you arrive home, park up, answer the phone and chat for 10 mins. Get out of car, can’t find the car key anywhere, empty all bags, move seats – no where to be seen… Get two builders and decorator to also search car – by now you’re feeling like a crazy woman …. sit back in car , hold phone to ear and look down – key found in cleavage – yes it’s HUGE with pregnancy (one of the positives to being pregnant).

1.15pm – You contemplate crawling under your duvet for a post lunch nap but your dog is sat looking at you with the cutest puppy-dog eyes so on go the wellies and out for a walkies you go! You spend the whole time thinking how much you’re waddling and you still have 10 weeks left to go!

1.45pm – Make it home and to the loo just in the nick of time!

2pm – Online Fuze Meeting… thank god no-one can see you’ve got your pyjama bottoms on under your kitchen table…

4pm – Much needed cuddles and chill out with your children after school… shed a silent tear because you love them so much you think you’re going to burst… flippin’ hormones!!

5pm – Prep dinner – trying not to eat all the ingredients before if makes it into the pan…

6pm – Quick bathroom break before heading out the door to a Business Presentation. Do a U-turn and head back inside for car key, then another u-turn for your phone you left on the counter when you picked your keys up, followed by a final u-turn for the products you promised you’d drop off for a new customer on the way to head office this evening! Oh. My. God. #FeelLikeAYoYo

7pm – Arrive for the Business Presentation, quick dash to the loo (for the 50th time today). Head up to the stage to present the company marketing plan to realise that you have no balance whatsoever in your heels and nearly face plant the stairs. Totally breathless, trying desperately not to sound like you’ve run a marathon when you’ve only in fact walked a few yards… Saying a silent prayer (also for the 50th time today) that you don’t need to wee in the fifteen minutes it takes to do your speaker slot

9.30pm – Finally home. You consume 5 satsumas, one after the other because your insatiable craving for citrus fruits won’t subside and you sit reading the reviews on the latest sleep pods you plan on trying for baby. Fatigue will simply not permit you to continue and you head off to bed.

10:00pm – You finally get comfortable, body pillow between your knees only to realise you have to get up and wee again… Such is the life of a pregnant woman!

10:30pm – You finally fall asleep… for now anyway…Thank goodness the diary is clear tomorrow. Ahhh the beauty of working from home… Zzzzzz…

Can any work-from-home-yummy-mummy’s-to-be relate to this? If so, please comment below so I know I’m not alone in my daily pregnancy struggles!!! …

Would love to hear from you! Nat x

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