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The Chairman’s Bonus: The Incentive Program For Serious Business Builders

The Chairman’s bonus is a Forever Living incentive program that gives business builders and learners a chance to earn a percentage of the company’s global revenue every single year — imagine earning a share of $2,310 million (Forever’s turnover for 2020).

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Chairman’s Bonus, how you can qualify for it and my journey throughout the years of earning my Chairman’s Bonus.

So, What is A Chairman’s Bonus Exactly?

In a nutshell, it’s like receiving a 13-month paycheck that is presented to you whilst on a paid-for trip somewhere around the globe that includes flights, accommodation and spending money for 2.

Not sure what other businesses roll out the red carpet for business leaders like Forever Living does!

What Do You Need To Do To Qualify?

You have to be what we call a “manager” in the business.

This typically means you should have assembled a team of around 20-25 people.

You also have to have helped someone else become a manager so it’s about consistently being there for your team and helping them develop and reach their own goals.

As part of the incentive, you have to introduce new business throughout the year and help your team drive volume in sales and also achieve our Forever 2 Drive program (which is a monthly bonus that many put towards a car).

Earning bigger bonuses depends on helping as many different downlines in your team so that they too can qualify for the Chairman’s Bonus themselves.

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My Chairman’s Bonus Journey — The Beginning

I joined the company in 2006 and never ever imagined I would be able to qualify for a bonus…

To me, it was really only something that other more confident people could achieve.

However, bit by bit my confidence grew and 5 years later I achieved my first Chairman’s Bonus cheque.

I was so proud of myself and it equated to around £3500 which meant I was able to put it towards taking Will and Rosie on their first ski holiday.

This was a total dream come true as I had always skied as a child and wanted that same experience for my kids, but I didn’t see how it would be possible as a single mum.

The following year I was able to achieve a similarly sizeable cheque and again was elated.

My Third Year of Achieving The Chairman’s Bonus Was When The “Magic” Started

In my third year with Forever I started helping others achieve the company incentive.

In fact, this year it was 4 of us girls, but in one downline, so the ripple effect was starting to happen…

I remember it like yesterday…we got flown out to Hawaii to pick it up which was a dream come true as I got to fulfil one of my bucketlist items by swimming with dolphins.

I was working long hours around being a single mum as I wanted to build our financial independence as quickly as I could and keep the momentum of growth in our team on fire.

Nothing happens overnight!

There were lots of critics (often people are so busy casting stones because they’re unsatisfied with their own lives), loads of difficult times and many long nights, but I had a goal and that was to create a business where I could work around my kids and hopefully inspire them along the way.

The Next Level of Success

In 2014, I picked up a cheque for $45,000 and I was absolutely astounded as I was already earning far more on a monthly basis than I had in my marketing career.

I was now even hungrier for success and was showing my kids that if you work for something consistently on a daily basis that anything. could. happen!

My ultimate goal was to put them through private education and that was what the program was enabling me to do.

I then had the vision to renovate our dream home, but being self-employed makes getting a mortgage challenging.

That just ended up motivating me more and as my accounts were starting to fill up and the momentum rolled on, so did the vision of getting my family into our dream home become a whole lot clearer.

Realising The Dream I Worked So Hard For

The Chairman’s Bonus program was my way to achieve the family hope I dreamt of and 2015 and 2016 totally secured our future.

My bonus went from $45,000 to $682,000 in a year as I went from helping 2 lines of people achieve this incentive to 6.

That feeling was the most overwhelming moment of my life as I never imagined my bonus jumping that much…I cried my eyes out.

There was no stopping the momentum at that point and the following year I was awarded the second biggest cheque in the company of $1007,066 — an utterly life-changing amount of money.

How was that even possible?

This time around it was the kids who were crying. I asked them why and they said, “Mum, because we are so proud of you.”

I knew then I had reached my ultimate goal!

That year I bought my dream home and I enjoyed slowing down and doing the renovating of the house, wanting to be there for every step and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I had just turned 40 and was a single mum and I didn’t know then how my life would change even more dramatically…

By 41 I was pregnant, but with the business I had so painstakingly built, I was being paid on the turnover of my business alongside the amount of people I helped to qualify.

I took my foot off the peddle that year, but that’s the beauty of the business and the time and effort it took to create mine still paid dividends.

I couldn’t believe that despite working half the time I was still awarded $677,000.

What Life Looks Like Today

Phoebe and me

Phoebe was born in July 2018 and wow what a blessing has she been!

A totally magical experience and having no financial worries made motherhood a very different experience to when Will and Rosie were little where every penny was accounted for or needed to be found for extras.

I wanted to relish every moment and enjoy the unexpected gift I had. She has been a total blessing and as a family finally in our dream home we have made so many memories together already.

In September 2019 I married my builder who had done my two-year renovation and life has been at a far slower pace.

I totally love network marketing and all that it offers!

I got to number 2 in the world with my company, but it’s not my goal to stay there…

Now it’s my goal to have an amazing balance as a mum, a wife and a career woman.

I totally believe I have nailed it and work at a far more part-time rate and enjoy everything that motherhood and being a wife delivers.

As a result, my Chairman’s Bonus cheques are getting smaller as I am not working at the rate I was and developing/helping as many people earn theirs, but, I’m okay with that!

Lots of people join network marketing and have it as a lifetime career, others join and learn so much and use the skills to go off and do other things.

Some of my leaders have done so and I’m really proud of them and their entrepreneurial spirit.

My volume is lower as I’m not working as hard, I recruit fewer people and work fewer hours as now it’s totally about freedom.

I will always work for the Chairman’s Bonus as it’s simply the icing on the cake and there to make sure you consistently invite people to have this amazing opportunity, but I now enjoy TIME and balance and have more than I ever dreamt of already.

What’s Next?

This year’s event is taking place online and I’d really love to invite you to follow the event online 8-10 April #fgr21 and our team #powerteamtogether.

Message me on FB here or drop me a WhatsApp to find out about my joining offer and how I can help you earn just a little extra each month, but like me, it might just lead to bigger things!

**** Disclaimer ****

Achieving a Chairman’s Bonus is an extraordinary achievement! Less than 1% of active FBOs qualify for Chairman’s Bonus. For more information, visit Forever’s website.