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My Content Roundup Review For 2020

One of my big focuses for this year was to create content of value to my audience and from the promising stats I’ve seen off my Google analytics, of value it most certainly is.

When owning a network marketing business, it can be very easy to feel like you’re always the one asking something of others — whether it’s to join your business or buy your product etc.

Often people can find it hard to understand why this opportunity is so incredible. 

So by creating useful content I’m giving people valuable information that they can benefit from regardless of whether they join my business or not.

In giving we receive. 

I received more visitors to my site through doing this than ever before and received many compliments from those that are already network marketing professionals and Forever Business Owners (FBOs) about how much they’ve enjoyed the content I’ve been sharing. 

So to pay tribute to a year of successful content, this article is a content roundup centred around my most popular blog articles and offers for 2020, as well as some insightful stats that have come from it. 

Pour yourself a glass of your most favourite holiday drink and let’s get to it!

My Top Blog Articles to Read in 2020

1. 45 Inspiring Network Marketing Quotes From The Best in The Business

In this article, I have outlined 45 of my favourite network marketing quotes to get you rearing to go and ready to build your business like the absolute boss babe I know you are!

Building your own network marketing business comes with many highs and lows, it’s part of the journey and it’s how you grow (both personally and in business). 

Some days inspiration and motivation come easily, while other days can run a little thin and when you hit those days it’s important to fill up that inspiration cup and keep going! 

If you’re thinking about getting into the business, use these network marketing quotes to inspire you to take the next step!

If you’re already in the business, use these top network marketing quotes to excite your prospects, motivate your team and give you that dose of positive reinforcement so you can keep the drive alive!

Read the full article here.

Network Marketing Quotes From The Best in The Business

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2. 9 Network Marketing Tips For Starting An Online Business in 2020

There are a lot of misconceptions in the network marketing industry and many who question the legality of the way the business is structured, and even more who write every network marketing business off as a pyramid scheme — which is Class 2 fraud — before they’ve done their own due diligence.

As for what I think, well, experience has taught me that there is always an opportunity for those who can keep an open mind, do their due diligence when evaluating and choosing the right company and put in the hard work that is required to succeed! 

In this article I explore what network marketing is, how it works, what the various business opportunities within it are and my top 9 network marketing tips!

Read the full article here.

9 Network Marketing Tips For Starting An Online Business in 2020

3. How To Work From Home: The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to learning how to work from home for stay at home mums, motivated entrepreneurs and their families — basically, anyone that wants to start a business from home or find an online job!

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about working from home online, from the benefits it presents to how to do it effectively around your family life and plenty of exciting business ideas on how to work from home today.

So if you’re looking to release yourself from the shackles of the 9-5 drudgery, spend more quality time with your kids at home and make enough money to create real financial freedom, you’ll absolutely love this guide!

Read the full article here.

How To Work From Home

4. Network Marketing Recruitment: 15 Powerful Tips To Grow Your Business!

When it comes to network marketing recruitment and growing your business, it is often just the thought of putting oneself out there where many people throw in the towel without even giving it their best shot!

But, like with anything worth going after in life, when you can learn how to do it well by being genuine, becoming a great listener and working hard, you will create a rock-solid business and learn to deal with setbacks more so when people say “no.” 

In this article, I share some insights and tips on how you can master the skill of recruitment so that you too can have a thriving network marketing business. 

Read the full article here.

network marketing recruitment

5. 20 Must-Read Network Marketing Books To Maximise Your Earnings in 2020

I’ve taken the time to lovingly curate an all-star list of 20 must-read network marketing books to help newbies and seasoned veterans breathe more fire into their careers and put more money into their pockets in 2020.

Read the full article here.

Network Marketing Business Setup What I Wish I Knew Before Starting

6. 15 Forever Living Products Every Woman Should Not Live Without

What really attracted me to this business over and above the business model was the quality products. It makes it really easy to build a business when you can get genuinely excited about the products you are selling. 

Forever products are so unique in that most of them are made with the super plant aloe vera, which has various health benefits. 

In this blog, I explore 21 of my top favourite Forever Living products that I and every woman should not live without!

Read the full article here.

Forever living products

My Top Content Offers to Download in 2020

1. 10 Steps On How To Create A Dream Book (460 downloads)

Visualise your dreams to achieve your goals with the ‘Law of Attraction’ and this exciting chapter taken directly from my bestselling book, “How Social Networking Doubled My Business.”

This free eBook will help you:

  1. Map out what your dream life looks like (and how to create attainable goals by attaching strong emotions to them). 
  2. Stay accountable by defining a timeline to achieve what you set out to do!
  3. Understand the ‘Law of Attraction’ to invite positivity and abundance into your life

Download the free eBook here.

How To Create a Dream Book book

2. How To Work From Home: The Ultimate Guide (529 downloads)

This was my most popular content offer of 2020, with a whopping 529 downloads!

Ever considered working from home or starting a home-based business (but just don’t know where to start?)

This free eBook is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Learn everything you need to know about:

  1. How to embrace the online world to work from home
  2. The benefits remote working affords you
  3. How to work effectively around your family life
  4. The most exciting work from home opportunities in 2020 (and how to get started making money today!)

Download the free eBook here.

How to work from home

3. Network Marketing Business Setup: The A-Z of Everything I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Own Business! (348 downloads)

This free eBook teaches you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of the business to set you up for success!

I share first-hand experience on:

  1. What to consider when starting your own network marketing business in the UK — setup in your country may differ, but the business tips inside still apply in any country!
  2. The different kinds of business entities that you can register and choosing the right one.
  3. The business setup/strategy: How to grow your base and revenue like nobody’s business!

Download the free eBook here.

Networking marketing

4. Why Network Marketing is For You Video Series (187 downloads)

In this personal video series, join me at home as I share my own experiences of 14+ years in the network marketing industry with Forever Living.

Sign up to view 5 videos where I take you through what an amazing stay-at-home business opportunity it is — especially in today’s day and age!

I share personal experience on:

  1. My own network marketing story and why Forever Living
  2. The importance of getting the right sponsor to guide you to success!
  3. Finding products you love and can be passionate about recommending to others
  4. How to join “THE” business of today
  5. Key takeaways and how to get in touch with me!

Sign up for this free video series here

why network marketing

5. 30 Ways To Have Gratitude And Positivity With The Kids

This was a calendar I created for when lockdown had just been implemented. It’s an interactive calendar with 30 actionable activities to help you and yours look on the brighter side of life! 

This is still something you can use now as the activities are always relevant!

This printable calendar of activities will help:

  1. Keep you and your kids busy (and maybe teach them a thing or two along the way about you and themselves)
  2. Cultivate a home environment of more gratitude and positivity
  3. Bring your family closer together at this time

Download this free calendar here

content offer

The Proof Is In The Content

The above graph depicts how my content has helped increase the number of page views on my website over the last 9 months. 

This clearly indicates the power of having valuable content on your website.

The image above illustrates how majority of the users to my website are new, which means that my content is being found organically outside of my usual network that I market to. 

It also shows that my average bounce rate for the year on my site is well below 70% which is truly brilliant!

This simply means that people aren’t just landing on one page and then leaving, they’re spending more time looking at other pages too. 

The above image displays the top 10 pages on my website that are bringing in the most page views.

By looking at this I’m able to see what the most popular content has been and what I can create more of in the future.

Network Marketing Is Booming

This image of new versus returning visitor clearly depicts how much new interest there is in the industry!

People are realising more and more (especially in the year of a pandemic) that you have to have other options, even if they seem to be a less conventional way of doing things. 

I am so grateful to say that my Forever business did incredibly well during a time when many other traditional businesses weren’t. 

This wasn’t because I’m special, it was merely because I happen to own a business that is product-based. Products are something that people are not going to stop consuming, whether it’s a pandemic or not. 

When joining a reputable network marketing company, you really will have so little to lose and so much to gain!

content roundup

From the above image, we can see just how much my global audience is growing which also tells you how the global appeal for network marketing is continually expanding. 

Here Are The Stats To Back it Up

In 2020 and years to come, the network marketing industry is said to remain one of the highest-earning industries in the global economic diaspora. 

The following key industry statistics provided by Ventaforce exhibit the current as well as the projected growth of the network marketing industry in the world:

1. Network marketing or direct selling is one of the oldest business models.

2. Network marketing companies are operating successfully in over 100 countries – Some of the key countries witnessing the success of network marketing include – US, UK, China, Canada, India, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, and Japan, among others.

3. Promoting through MLM activities is more profitable

4. In 2019, the global network market industry was valued at US$ 167 billion

5. By 2020-end, the global network marketing industry is set to touch US$ 200 billion mark – In 2020, network marketing businesses from around the world are slated to bring in an estimated US$ 200 million every day.

6. Annually, every network marketing professional gets an average earning increment of $300

7. China, US, and South Korea are the top markets

8. Four out of five MLM businesses are growing rapidly- the success rate of MLM companies has gone up to 80% from 25% in the past five years. 

9. FDI policies are offering a retaining environment for network marketing – one of the biggest economic boons to the network marketing industry is the support of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policies. 

10. By 2025, the global network marketing industry is likely to be worth nearly US$ 650 billion – it has been reportedly forecasted that the network marketing industry can witness a year-on-year growth of over 20% in the coming years. 

If this isn’t enough of a reason to get involved, also read my article on ‘23 Reasons Why Network Marketing is the Biz To Be In Right Now’ here. 

And That’s A Wrap!

Wow, what a year it’s been! If you’re reading this still, thank you for sticking around! I do hope my content has been of value to you. 

Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year! I look forward to sharing more beneficial content with you come 2021. 

I always love hearing from you, so feel free to share any comments you may have below. 

Please click the social icons to share this with your network and help inspire them to take action today!

With love,

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