Top 4 Aloe Vera Benefits For Mums Looking To Get Healthy in 2020 (And Beyond)!

In this article, we are going to explore the amazing aloe vera benefits for your health, hair and nails and we will look at how the daily use of this magical plant can improve your health and wellbeing for the better.

You’re going to learn:

  • What is in the aloe to help support things like immunity and digestion to hair, skin and nails.
  • What an easy to follow daily routine with aloe vera looks like – I share my not so ‘secret’ secret routine for maximising aloe’s benefits.
  • Which product can help support You starting today!

With that, let’s get going with the good stuff!

Aloe Vera Benefits for Health

Who knew this little ‘ol plant could have so much goodness packed into its leaves? 

Known as Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant, the aloe gel from the inner leaf is incredibly beneficial for humans and animals when consumed as a drink or when used as a topical product on the skin, its history of use goes back thousands of years.  

Why is it so beneficial?

The succulent inner leaf of an aloe plant is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

It contains 19 of the 20 Amino acids and a whopping 75 nutrients from 10 major groups have been identified to date.

Aloe vera benefits

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1. Supports Digestion

Aloe vera is an ideal digestive aid due to its cleansing properties.

Our digestive health is key to our entire system functions so it’s super important to make sure that this is something you are looking after by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

aloe vera and digestion

Adding aloe vera into your everyday routine can support this process and I would suggest introducing Forever Aloe Vera Gel to your diet — I drink it every day and I can feel the difference!

It’s very important to also focus on rebalancing your diet, the aloe drink benefits are more prominent when you’ve eliminated unhealthy food. 

This reformulated drinking gel from Forever contains a staggering 99.7% of pure aloe.

The secret to how it’s so pure?

This aloe drink is carefully hand-filtered and processed within six hours of its harvest — now that is top quality! It’s also free from preservatives and contained in recyclable packaging.

Start your morning like I do by drinking about 60-120ml of Forever Aloe Vera Gel and make supporting your gastrointestinal health a daily habit! 

This gel is also available in peach (Forever Aloe Peaches) or in cranberry and apple flavour (Forever Aloe Berry Nectar) for those of you that fancy something a little fruitier.

Aloe vera is highly absorbent, which means it can get to work immediately.

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2. Supports the Immune System

Aloe vera can help support the body’s natural defences by contributing to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system, to help bolster the support from aloe

There’s also added vitamin C which will also help support the immune system.

I incorporate Forever Aloe Vera Gel into my daily routine and over time I have seen the difference it’s had on my immune system and general well-being. 

Some people have their daily vitamins (which I do too) and I have my daily aloe vera gel to get the day on the way!

aloe vera and your immune system

3. Beauty From Within

Everyone has heard that aloe is great for the skin and the common first thought is after sun relief; some people I speak to are surprised and not aware of the incredible benefits when taken as a drink.

Aloe is great for shiny glowing skin, hair and nails and is the perfect starting point for your beauty regime.

Aloe’s connection to healthy skin is not anything new — history has shown that in ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra used aloe to look after her skin, keeping it glowing, soft and beautiful!

The amazing team of Forever scientists and aloe specialists have learnt how to effectively create products that combine aloe with ingredients that maximise its skin-loving benefits.

What I love about Forever’s skincare range is that they cater to all skin types, including sensitive skin which gives you a great variety to choose from.

The aloe vera benefits for skin are not limited to its topical products, improve your skin from the inside out by also drinking the Forever Aloe Vera Gel, which can give your complexion a real glow.

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4. Blissful Relief

Being stuck at home recently has been great at times and stressful at others and sometimes it has been hard to find time to switch off and recuperate.

The importance of taking time to relax and how it impacts overall welling is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be!

So many women I work with have told me how much they love Forever’s skincare range. They can see how aloe vera has this powerful ability to provide natural moisturization which leaves their skin feeling incredible. 

The benefits aloe vera has on skin are magical, it can help to keep skin clear, soothed and hydrated.

This could be because this super plant thrives in dry, unstable climates and so to survive the harsh conditions, the leaves store water. 

These water-dense leaves, combined with special plant compounds called complex carbohydrates are what gives it that ability to be so moisturizing and soothing for skin. 

This is also why aloe vera is wonderful for applying on skin that is feeling a little sensitive after getting too much sun. 

My absolute favourite way to spend a “me night-in” is by running a hot bath and putting an Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask on my face — what better way to get my face hydrated and feeling like silk than with a pampering mask that seeps all the aloe goodness straight into my pores? 

I love this mask because it’s made with premium fabric which fuses aloe and seagrass between bio-cellulose fibres providing optimum moisturization on your skin getting in between every fine line and wrinkle (which is important for a woman in her 40s). 

aloe vera face mask

This mask is a breeze to apply and the fibres fuse to the contours of your face, ensuring full coverage.

Leave it on for twenty minutes while you soak in the bath, and because it’s 100% environmentally-friendly you can dispose of it in the garden to add nutrients to the soil (is this not the best mask ever?!)

Once the mask has been removed, simply rub any remaining residue into your complexion to reveal skin that is silky soft and radiant.

The Ultimate Aloe Daily Routine for Maximum Benefits

6am – Begin your day with Forever Aloe Vera Gel

I can honestly swear by the Forever Aloe Vera Gel. It keeps my digestive system feeling fantastic and generally sets me up for how I feel for the rest of the day. 

Drinking it first thing in the morning is a great way to look after your digestion and keep it healthy and functioning well. 

This product was the first one to receive the International Aloe Science Council’s (IASC) seal of approval for consistency and purity, and its new formula proudly contains 99.7% pure aloe vera — making it a product you can truly trust!

aloe vera plant

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7am – Exercise and apply Aloe Heat Lotion

A well-balanced lifestyle includes at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. This doesn’t have to be you training to do a crazy triathlon, just commit to walking if you’re not keen on doing anything else.  

I love to go for a good run, it’s the best way to clear my mind and get me in the zone for the rest of my day.

If my muscles ever feel tired after my workout I’ll apply Aloe Heat Lotion which is marvellous for soothing aches and strains.

It’s also great for warming up muscles before a workout and makes the ideal lotion for a warming and rejuvenating massage— go on, give it a go!

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8am – Apply Aloe Activator to your skin

The Aloe Activator is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet and morning skincare routine! This moisturizer comes in a liquid form and is unique because it’s made from over 98% of aloe vera gel!

Whenever I use this magical moisturizer my skin is left feeling absolutely divine and that’s why I don’t go a day without using it. 

It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and soothed from the moment you put it on, and you’ll be glowing the rest of the day! 

12pm – Lunchtime: Nutty Green Salad with Aloe and Soy

It’s time to nourish your body with a deliciously healthy lunch. 

Serves 4


1 tbsp Forever Bee Honey

2 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp vegetable oil

250g mangetout

4 chives, chopped

100g baby Asian leaves

110g salted peanuts


55g salted peanuts

1 tbsp Forever Bee Honey

180ml vegetable stock

4 tsp toasted sesame seeds

3 tbsp thick dark soy

1 tbsp Forever Aloe Vera Gel

For the dressing, put the peanuts, honey, vegetable stock, sesame seeds, dark soy, and aloe gel in a food processor and blend. Set aside. 

For the salad, heat the honey, oil and soy sauce in a pan on a low heat. Add the mangetout and lightly fry for a few minutes. Remove from the heat and toss in the chives. 

Toss the mangetout mixture with the Asian leaves and sprinkle the peanuts on top. Serve with the dressing on the side. Add a protein of your choice to bulk it up if you’d like — tofu is a great addition!

Forever Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

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3pm – Moisturise those lips!

I never leave the house without my Aloe Lips balm and you shouldn’t either! There is nothing worse than dry, cracked lips and the quality of what you put on your skin matters. 

Load up on all the quality lip moisture you can get! Thanks to ingredients such as aloe, jojoba and three types of wax, Aloe Lips is packed with essential moisturising properties.

Apply this balm as often as necessary throughout the day to look after your lips. I will even apply it before I use a colour lipstick to keep my lips from drying out. 

6pm – Dinner time: Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Risotto

Get all the aloe benefits in during dinner time as well!

Serves 4

320g rice

½ onion

1 tbsp seed oil

60g butter

40g parmesan cheese

50g cranberries

150ml Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

50g Mascarpone cheese

1 litre meat both

Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the meat broth. In a pan, brown the onion with the seed oil and butter. Add the rice and Forever Aloe Berry Nectar.

Mix everything together. Slowly add the broth and cook for 20 minutes. Once cooked, stir with the mascarpone and parmesan cheese, cranberries and a small amount of Forever Aloe Berry Nectar.

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9pm – Apply Aloe Propolis Creme to your body before bed

My secret weapon to keeping my skin feeling and looking amazing is by applying Aloe Propolis Creme to my body before I go to bed so that it can work its magic while I sleep.

You will not only smell amazing, but you’ll wake up with the softest most radiant looking skin — every woman’s dream!

aloe vera body

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Ready to Reap all the Aloe Vera Benefits?

I hope this list of aloe vera benefits has been illuminating for you and that you’re as excited about this super plant as I am! 

If you are serious about getting healthy then adding aloe vera into your daily diet or skincare regime will do just that. 

If you’re already an aloe vera fan and use it all the time, which product do you love the most?

I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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With love,

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