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Aloe Vera: Your Guide To Health & Beauty With The ‘Miracle Plant’

Aloe vera, the ‘Miracle Plant’, has been used by humans for thousands of years dating all the way back to ancient Egypt — now you know why Cleopatra was such a beaut;) 

The healing properties of this medicinal plant is nature at its very best, and anyone looking to get (and stay) healthy on the inside and out absolutely needs this plant in their lives!

Learn everything about the aloe plant and your health including:

Get started prioritising your health (and beauty) here!

What is Aloe Vera?

There are more than 400 different species of the aloe plant, but aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) is what we know best and use most today — aloe is a superfood many people benefit from today.

The plant is a spiky succulent (excellent at storing water) that is grown in mostly arid, tropical and semi-tropical climates — originally native only to the south-west Arabian Peninsula but subsequently naturalised the world over.  

It is safe to extract the gel found in the leaves and use it directly from the plant or in its commercially sold products like skin lotions, drinks, beauty products and ointments to name but a few.

There are two types of aloe substances that are used in the manufacture of products:

  1. A clear gel that is extracted from aloe leaves — scientists have identified more than 75 active nutrients in the leaf gel and these compounds work together to provide soothing benefits (see the benefits below).
  2. A yellow pulp that is found under the outer part of the plant leaf called aloe latex or aloin — typically used as an oral medication to treat constipation. 

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How To Harvest Aloe Vera?

When it comes to harvesting leaves from the aloe plant, it is really important to make sure that you pick from mature plants that are planted in the ground.

The leaves that are harvested by hand will not destroy the plant as only the outer leaves will be removed.

If you take care to only cut about 3-4 leaves every two months, you’ll be able to harvest from the same plant over a period of 8-10 years — how’s that for longevity?

Once you’ve made a cut, be sure to hold the leaf cut end down so that the aloin — the stuff you don’t want to be ingesting willy-nilly — can run out.

Afterwards, proceed to wash the leaf, lay it flat on a table and cut away the serrated edges. You can start on one side and fillet off the skin kind of like you would do with a fish.

Once you’ve removed the skin on all sides of the leaf (making sure that you’ve removed the yellowish substance) you can give the clear flesh a good rinse and it’ll make the gel safe to consume.

Now, you might be wondering “what does aloe vera taste like?” before you go ahead…

The short answer is somewhat bitter, watery and plant-ish — assuming you’re planning to extract the gel yourself.

If you decide to go this route, then it’s best to watch the video below:

For those on the less adventurous side, your best bet is to buy the best aloe vera gel drink here.

Forever Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

What Are The Benefits of Aloe Vera?

Now that you have a better idea of what this plant is, it’s important to answer the question “what is aloe vera good for?” when it comes to your health and beauty.

This plant is jam-packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are important for our own health and can help you:

Improve Your Digestive Health

Our digestive systems are such an integral part of our bodies and an area where health issues occur for many of us at one time or another.

Luckily, consuming the gel from an aloe plant (which has a low toxicity, anti-inflammatory properties and is chock-a-block full of antioxidants) has many health benefits for those that are looking to maintain a more balanced digestive system.

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Have Healthier Looking Skin

An aloe moisturiser is great for dry or oily skin as it’s rich in antioxidants known for helping to keep one’s skin hydrated and healthy.

It’s no wonder that aloe is used in so many different beauty products today. Be sure to do a patch test — just not like => 😉
to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to it.

One of the more popular uses of aloe is to treat sunburn or even mild burn wounds. It helps to soothe the pain, reduce the redness and moisturise the skin.   

For those that struggle with skin conditions such as acne, applying aloe gel is an effective treatment in helping to reduce/clear acne which makes a lot of sense thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Support Your Immune System

The aloe vera plant, and more specifically the aloe vera gel, is jam-packed with polysaccharides that help to support your immune system and keep you fighting fit.

To top it all off, taking aloe vera regularly gets you all the following vitamins and minerals:

  • A
  • C
  • E
  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B6
  • B12
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Potassium.

Not only is all of this absolutely magic for your immune system, but it’s also amazing for your skin, hair and nails.

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Aloe Vera Uses You Probably Don’t Know About 

Outside of the amazing health and beauty benefits of aloe that I’ve outlined above, the  ‘Miracle Plant’ has a couple more uses that might surprise you:

  1. Make-up removal: Squeeze a dollop of 100% aloe gel onto a cotton ball and wipe away your day the natural way.
  2. A natural shaving cream
  3. Healing cracked feet: Use warm water to soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. Pat dry, apply the aloe gel on your feet and put on socks to leave overnight.
  4. A natural lubricant: It’s completely safe to use with condoms and it is designed (by nature) to be sensitive to your skin. 

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The Aloe Vera Products You Can Start Using Today!

There are so many amazing uses and benefits of aloe vera and equally as many products available for you to start trying out!

Aloe Vera Gel

This aloe gel is a drinking gel that contains vitamin C and boasts 99.7% inner leaf aloe gel — certified by the International Aloe Science Council for its purity — extracted by hand to give you the best aloe vera gel that helps to support your immune system.

Forever Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

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Aloe Vera Tea

Fancy a cuppa that will bring more peace and wellbeing into your life? This aloe vera tea is a caffeine-free mix of leaves, herbs and spices that is naturally low in calories and has an absolutely refreshing taste.

Forever Aloe Vera Tea

Aloe Vera Weight Management Products

Lockdown has meant a lot of inactivity for many of us, but luckily there are a range of aloe vera weight management products that serve as a cleansing plan to help get you back on track to feeling confident and fit again in no time — just 9 days to be exact!

Forever C9 weight management

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Aloe Vera Shampoo

For luscious, healthy-looking locks, look no further than this aloe vera shampoo. It helps to remove oils, soothes your scalp and its pH-balanced formula is suitable for all hair types

Forever Aloe Vera shampoo & Conditioner

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Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Struggling with dry skin? Here is some deep moisturizing cream that will thoroughly hydrate your skin and promotes elasticity. It is also phenomenally effective at helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles — who doesn’t like a moisturizer that takes care of that as well!

Forever Aloe Vera moisturizer

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Aloe Vera Face Cream

This range of aloe vera face cream products can help to keep your face feeling moisturized and smooth and even out your skin tone and texture. This infinite restoring cream is part of my personal skin regiment for its anti-ageing properties.

Forever Aloe Vera Skin Cream

Aloe Vera Sunscreen

Getting some good old sun is important for our own health, but in the sun’s case, too much of a good thing can be bad, especially if you’re not protecting your skin with sunscreen. This SPF 30 aloe vera sunscreen is the perfect summer companion for you and the family.

Forever Aloe Vera Sunscreen

Aloe Vera Toothpaste

If you enjoy non-fluoride, vegetarian-friendly toothpaste, then this aloe vera toothpaste (gel) is exactly what the dentist ordered for clean, healthy teeth. It’s a natural minty flavour that is made from aloe vera and bee propolis — an antifungal compound produced by bees.

Forever Aloe Vera Toothpaste

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Get Your Daily Aloe Vera Fix 

As with any new products that you look to introduce to your diet or daily routine, it’s really just about sticking with it and staying consistent to see the best results — keeping company with the “aloe” company has changed my life in more ways than one over the past 14+ years.

I really do hope that you enjoyed learning so much about this amazing super plant and its superpowers. 

Aloe has a very special place in my household (and my heart), it keeps me and my family healthy and happy and my life wouldn’t be complete without it.

If you’re curious to try these aloe products out for yourself, please reach out to me personally for everything you need to start making a difference in your health and beauty today!

With love,

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