11 Ways To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Glowing Skin & Hair

Using aloe vera gel for skin and hair can be extremely beneficial for you as it has a host of beauty-boosting properties.

This magical plant has been used for thousands of years and we are still reaping its goodness today. 

Thanks to aloe vera’s high content of antioxidants, essential amino acids and minerals it can do a lot of looking after your skin and hair. 

In this article, I look at the benefits, as well as the various ways you can use this super plant on your skin and hair. 

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits For Your Skin and Hair

When you see the wonders this plant can have on your skin and hair you will be an aloe vera gel convert for the rest of time. 

I have been using this plant for the last 14 years and it has completely changed the way I feel both from the inside out and from the outside in. 

It’s used in every product from the aloe vera gel drink that I consume in the morning to the moisturiser that I put on my skin at night. 

So let me share with you WHY you should be using this ancient plant in your everyday beauty regime.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Skin: 

  • Helps to soothe the skin when you’ve been too long in the sun – the cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera are a welcoming embrace for tender skin. It’s for this very reason that for the longest time it’s been a natural remedy for supporting the soothing of skin. It’s rich in antioxidants and minerals and because it’s so hydrating it can help the skin retain moisture. 
  • Deeply moisturising – I love that when I use aloe as a moisturiser it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the face and the skin. It actually unclogs the pores and softens the skin.
  • Helps to combat ageing skin – it has an abundance of vitamin C and E, and beta-carotene, which all have anti-ageing properties. And in addition, it helps to increase the production of collagen in the body and skin elasticity. As a woman in her 40’s, this is a much-desired benefit. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Hair:

  • Deep cleans oily hair – putting it on hair can help to cleanse the hair follicle properly, stripping off any accumulation of extra oil on the scalp and residue from other hair products. This build-up of oil and debris over time can potentially block pores and hamper hair growth. 
  • Strengthens and repairs hair strands – it’s packed with vitamins A,C and E which contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair. It also has vitamin B-12 and folic acid present which can help with the prevention of hair loss. 
  • Supports hair growth – it can support the repair of damaged cells in the scalp which enhances hair follicle health and increases blood circulation, thus stimulating hair follicles which help the regrowth of hair. 
  • Soothes dandruff – it can work really well to soothe an itchy scalp thanks to it’s antifungal and antiviral properties, and it’s incredibly hydrating. Always consult a physician first before using any new product as a treatment for something. 

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Uses for Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair

1. Apply to Dry Skin

Because aloe vera has such a high water content, it is deeply hydrating and perfect for nourishing dry skin. 

Instead of using any old store bought moisturiser, use pure aloe vera gel. Apply it directly to your skin and dry patches and notice how it instantly moisturises your skin. 

Because it gets immediately absorbed I love to use aloe vera as an overnight skin nourisher. I’ll apply it after I shower before bed. This way you’re not leaving any residue on your jammies or sheets, and you wake up with the softest, most glowing skin in the morning. 

aloe vera tip 1

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2. Skin Exfoliator

It’s important to exfoliate the skin in order to remove dead cells and clear the pores of any dirt. 

Aloe vera works really well as a cleansing agent enriched with antibacterial properties that flush out impurities gently. 

You can make an easy at-home DIY scrub by mixing aloe vera gel with sugar granules or oats for something less harsh. Or you can purchase the Aloe Scrub from Forever, it’s an all-natural and gentle way to exfoliate your skin.

aloe vera tip 2

3. Eyebrow Gel

One of my favourite beauty hacks is using aloe vera to tame and condition my eyebrows. It’s one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to keep eyebrows looking sleek. 

Dip a q-tip in aloe vera gel and smooth over the eyebrows. You’ll have a natural gel that is safe and also holds the eyebrow hair in place without being too greasy.

Aloe vera is known to promote hair growth and can hence be applied on your brows to make them lush.

aloe vera tip 3

4. Pamper Feet

Pamper your feet often with a simple aloe vera remedy, because there is nothing worse than dry, cracked feet. 

All you have to do is apply a generous amount of aloe gel on your feet, massage it in until it gets absorbed and then put on a pair of socks so you can lock in all that goodness.

Aloe vera works wonders for helping to restore the skin to its former suppleness. 

foot pamper

Apply aloe vera to your elbows and knees to soften skin. Use
Forever Aloe Gelly or Forever Aloe Moisturising Lotion.

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5. After-Sun Soother

Aloe vera is my go-to ‘after-sun’ if I or someone from my family spends a tad too much time in the sun. 

Apply a generous dose of aloe vera to your tender sunburnt skin and it will immediately soothe the skin, cooling it down. 

You can also protect your skin from the harsh UV rays with Aloe Sunscreen from Forever which is completely reef friendly. 

aloe vera tip 4

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6. Aloe Hair Mask

The hydrating benefits of aloe vera can make the most perfect hair mask treatment for hair that’s feeling dry and brittle.

It’s incredibly gentle on the hair and easy to wash off, unlike some other oil based treatments. 

Make a DIY hair mask by mixing together 2 tbsp.
aloe vera gel, 1tsp. honey and 1 tsp. olive oil/ coconut oil. Apply it to your roots and the rest of your hair. Cover with a shower cap or plastic to keep it from dripping everywhere. Let it sit for 30 mins and work its magic. Then wash it off with Forever Aloe Shampoo to reveal the softest, most luscious mane of hair.

hair mask

7. Relieve itchy bug bites

The anti-inflammatory properties in aloe vera can work wonders for an itchy bug bite, like from a mosquito. 

aloe vera tip 5

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8. Shaving Gel

Shaving with aloe vera can be a brilliant natural substitute for your typical store bought shaving creams or gels.

I like to use it for my grooming needs because it gives me a smooth shave, while being gentle and moisturising on the skin.

The antiseptic properties also make it a top choice for nicks and cuts while shaving. 

aloe vera tip 6

9. Makeup Remover

Makeup can seriously clog your pores and depending on which brand you are using it can contain a ton of chemicals. So a great way to look after your skin is to use aloe vera gel as a natural makeup remover. 

Because it’s completely natural it’s gentle to use on the skin (perfect for sensitive skin). Just put a dollop of aloe vera on a cotton pad and wipe off the makeup from your skin. 

aloe vera tip 7

10. Face Mask

There is nothing quite like a weekend night-in that involves a big glass of wine and pampering yourself with a face mask and hot bath. 

An aloe vera face mask is one of the best ways you can treat your skin with some deep moisture loving.

Make your own DIY mask (just add a tsp. of aloe to the recipe) or if you’d prefer to have something to use immediately, I would highly recommend the Forever Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask for the ultimate pamper. 

11. Soothing Aloe Vera Ice Cube Rub

This is the greatest beauty hack ever for getting glowing, smooth skin. All you have to do is fill the ice cube tray with aloe vera (dilute in filtered water if needed) and freeze. 

Rub a cube of this on your face every day as this can shrink the pores which can really make your skin glow and look totally radiant!

aloe vera tip 8

Ready to Get Glowing With Aloe Vera ?

It’s truly remarkable the amount of uses one plant can have. You have to try it for yourself to really see how it can benefit you. 

For me personally, aloe has done wonders for my health and wellbeing and that’s proof enough for me to keep using it daily. 

Which is your favourite way to use aloe vera? Do you have any other uses you know of that I haven’t mentioned? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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With love,

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