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Network Marketing Success Stories: Coming Out On Top Despite COVID-19

We’re living in unprecedented times.

No one could have predicted how much our lives would’ve changed in such a short space of time — for many working from home is the “new normal.”

And then there are the countless families and businesses that have been impacted financially to the point where there is so much uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring…

But, “hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

In the spirit of helping inspire you to see the light, I want to share some network marketing success stories each week from (extra)ordinary people who have found their way out of the darkness despite the challenges in front of them.

These are their stories…

Network Marketing Success Stories

— Tanya —

My friend (sponsor who recruited me into Forever Living), Sarah Evans, introduced me to the ‘aloe vera company’ last year but it just wasn’t the right time for me then.

When she proposed the idea again a few months later, I decided to try and retail a few products alongside my new (6 months old) nail business.

1 month later lockdown happened!

I desperately needed to do something to keep me motivated and replace my income that I was losing.

I wondered if I could start selling a few products to my family and friends as my own family was using and loving them.

I was only expecting to earn a couple of hundred pounds really.

My husband and I started the C9 cleanse 6 weeks into lockdown as the weight crept up – we blogged about our journey and everyone wanted to know about the products.

The business really just snowballed from there!

I tried to be business-minded when starting my nail business, but it was still very new to me so becoming a Forever business owner was definitely a new challenge!

It does take a little bit of time, patience and willingness, with a dose of positive attitude and a big smile!

My family keeps me motivated – knowing I am contributing now, my love of the products and my customers!

I have an incredible team which is key!

I want to achieve supervisor this month which would give me an 3% increase on retail profit plus a team leading bonus – in fact right now I am only a few orders away and we are only 10th June!

Tanya Forever Living Business Owner

I want to keep growing and take on more responsibility within my team, to grow a bigger team myself!

Sarah has just been such a huge inspiration.

The income I have generated has helped massively.

It has given me the confidence to believe in myself that I can achieve something by myself, after having been a stay-at-home mum for over 13 years!

My first online Zoom product launch was memorable because I felt so proud of myself.

It has helped me find out so much more about myself and what I’m capable of.

I hate talking in front of people, but it made me realise I could actually do it and I got a buzz out of it!

I tripled my business in a month and recruited my first team member — which was certainly memorable too — Tanya.

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— Vicky —

Prior to Forever, I was a stay at home mum.

After having my children, I decided that I wanted to be a present mum and not miss any of those first moments.

Fortunately, I was able to do this but when my youngest was due to start nursery I began to look at going back to work.

I wanted some financial independence but also something for me, to show you can be mum and successful in your own right.

When I began looking, I realised those 10-2pm, Monday to Friday jobs which give you school holidays off were none existent…

Just when I thought there was nothing out there for me, I met with a friend who showed me how she was working around a young family and I was in!

It ticked all the boxes and l was excited about what I could achieve.

Working in a family business before having the children, I understood the importance of showing up everyday and applying yourself.

That said, working this business gives you the flexibility to work as and when you can in those pockets of time unlike a traditional business.

Being organised is key to success, planning what you want to achieve and breaking it down with the help and support of those around you.

And the great thing is, you choose your level of success, it’s down to you what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to get there.

Decide what you want, sit with your sponsor and make a plan then you can get to work!

The biggest challenge I actually had was belief!

Not a belief in the company or the products because they are truly phenomenal, but a belief in myself.

So the development personally that I have been in has been truly life-changing and that is something money can’t buy!

Every day I am motivated and inspired by the incredible people I am working with, I’m motivated by the desire to provide for my family and in helping other people achieve their goals and dreams, and hopefully inspiring them too!

Along the journey, I’ve made some amazing friends and I’m truly grateful to the person who introduced me to Forever and my best friend, Sam Jeffries for literally being my biggest cheerleader — she’s one badass woman in business!

Always there to say the right things, believe in me when I’ve doubted myself and be at the front supporting me.

The bonus income has given me the financial independence I was looking for which enables me to treat myself and our family without having to think twice about whether we should be spending the money, which is a lovely feeling.

There have been so many incredible memories and every single one I can think of we are smiling and laughing…

But, the one thing about them that stands out are the people.

I have never experienced friendships like them.

16 of us travelled to Stockholm in April 2019 for our Global Rally trip and I have memories to last a lifetime.

Watching what you can achieve — that is available for anyone who wants it — is just incredible and watching your friends and mentors just inspired me to get there one day! — Vicky.

— Claire —

2 years prior to joining I was introduced to Forever by another mum at a baby group, however, the timing wasn’t right for me then, and actually I don’t think I fully understood what Forever could do for me.

It all seemed too good to be true.

My background is in HR Management and I was an HR Business Partner within the retail sector at the time. I worked long hours and travelled a lot and felt I was missing out on my children growing up. 

When I went on maternity leave with my third baby I started to look for something that I could do from home — work flexibly and on my own terms, but still be able to earn a corporate income!  

That’s when I saw a friend had started her business with Forever. I met up with her and joined on the spot, not having ever tried a product!  

I saw a huge potential in the marketing plan.

Having worked in big businesses, I believe I have always been reasonably business-minded, working for yourself is a different kettle of fish. 

You need to touch your business every day to build momentum. One of the hardest things for me to get used to was from going from a ‘desk job’ to working in a more flexible way around the family commitments – in pockets of time throughout the day. 

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is my own personal self-belief, but there are so many people cheering you on along the way it has helped my mindset so much.

There is always so much support. Everyone is so positive, kind and helpful.  

Claire Forever Living Business Owner

You are in business for yourself, but never ever alone!

To be successful in Forever, you need to believe you can do it, be consistent with your activity, be open-minded and also toughen up. 

There will always be negative people out there that don’t understand want you are doing – use this as your motivation.

Learn more about what the business is all about here!

Trust the process, listen to your sponsor, be organised and consistent from the start and you really can’t fail.

I am really focused at moving up the marketing plan at the moment, my long term goal is to achieve all the incentives. That really keeps me motivated – the feeling of having achieved something really drives me.  

I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else now. I feel Forever has become a way of life in our family – I really wouldn’t to have to go back to an office-based job at all.

Seeing what can be achieved is so inspiring!

The people in this business are just incredible and I take inspiration from everyone in the wider team. We are so lucky to have such an amazing support network and training in place helping us to work towards our goals.

Being part of Forever has not only given me an income and the ability to buy nice things and do things with the children, most importantly it has given me time.

There have been so many good times with Forever, it would be hard to pick one thing, however, the friendships that I’ve made on this journey have been absolutely amazing.   

There definitely has been a lot of fun and giggles, and perhaps the odd glass of Prosecco 😉 — Claire.

— Andrea —

I was introduced to Forever by Kate Moscato a good friend of mine, over 3 years ago. She knew I would love the products and her hope was that I would join the business too.

I had a successful childminding business for nearly 20 years that I had built around my desire to be at home for my 4 children.

Kate knew that I was hoping for a new direction as my own children were getting older and I needed a focus outside of childminding, but one which I could initially work alongside it.

I haven’t always been business-minded.

It took me a long time to realise that the childminding I was doing alongside raising my own children was actually a successful professional business that I worked hard to achieve & maintain and that has given me confidence with my Forever business.

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I am constantly motivated by my desire to earn a living from doing something I love and that makes me look forward to getting up in the morning. I want to be an example to my children that it is possible to earn money from doing something you love.

I have been furloughed for 3 months but not on full pay, so my Forever income has been a lifesaver at this time more than ever and had highlighted the need for having multiple income streams.

My key advice is simple: Use the products.

People are always watching you to see what they’re doing for you. They buy into you as person and through that, the products.

Be a walking advertisement in your day to day life. You’re being watched even when you don’t realise it.

I think if you keeping doing something with your business every day, no matter how small, you will see results.

And keep an open mind about the type of person who might join your team, sometimes you just can’t call it.

I want Forever to give me financial freedom & flexibility to live my life how I want to and not have that dictated by someone else.

The Forever family are some of the most positive and encouraging people you will ever meet.

My personal inspiration has come from my up line Kyra Pauley who is a constant shiny star guiding the way.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

She calls and texts and always has the right words of encouragement. She also leads by example as her business is thriving and she always tells me I can do it too.

I have achieved two promotions during lockdown and am now aiming for my 3rd.

Realising that what I’ve been aiming for is achievable is a fantastic feeling. — Andrea.

— Jeannie —

Natalie Heeley made me look at the opportunity whilst I was (and still am) a B&B owner.

Hearing her stories, watching her posts on Facebook, getting to know her as a person helped me decide that I can at least try it.

The starter box is only £200.

Even if it does not work for me the worst case scenario I will have a box of lovely products to use.

Besides, it’s a mental challenge “can I do it” and I am always up for taking opportunities, especially with low risk.

I was always business minded and rather industrious. I’m a success driven person.

But, also making the world a better place for at least a few people is my motto.

Network marketing success stories — Jeannie

These aloe products work and help people to conquer their health challenges.

I am a trained medic, that’s my calling to help.

With Natalie and Forever I’ve been able to earn a reasonable amount of income (1-1.5 k a month to run alongside my B&B business).

Working alongside a team of likeminded FBO’s where everyone can help each other and be there to support is amazing.

To me, running a successful business means to:

  1. Be ethical
  2. Always be professional
  3. Know your stuff
  4. Care for your customers, don’t “ rob and run” to score a sale
  5. Be creative in your approaches
  6. Be an ambassador for your business
  7. Never give up!

Bonus income is amazing especially while I m not able to do my main job in lockdown.

The challenge and buzz kept me happier and more focused during these challenging times. — Jeannie.

— Beverley —

I’ve been using the products for over ten years now — they’ve changed my life and health. Since starting to drink the aloe drinking gels 18 months ago I’ve felt healthier and have more energy.

This has played a huge part in me starting to look seriously at helping Michelle (friend) on promoting her business.

I had looked at the business previously, but it just wasn’t the right time — I was already doing 14 hour days and was exhausted.

Then COVID hit my community art business badly.

I lost all income as of mid-March and panicked, but quickly started to reassess life and ways I could earn from home.

I needed to find a way to earn from home and quickly!

Had self-employed grant help and some funding from arts council to muddle along, but knew it wouldn’t last long term.

As my business’s future looked ever more uncertain, I just jumped at Forever.

When I started the training was world-class and everyone was friendly, positive and my kind of people and with the products I already loved.

I knew that I could recommend them as they’d helped me and my health so much.

At the end of May I joined and decided to take a chance and do something proactive about my situation.

It’s still a new challenge, but a really positive one which I needed to focus through lockdown and keep my mind busy.

My children are my centre of all my “Whys.”

I’m building this business to achieve long-term financial stability and the willable income for my family is a huge thing to work towards.

The company incentives are amazing, but of all the things this is huge!

Since joining I have been able to stabilise our family through lockdown I can breathe again — and properly plan a way forward out of lockdown now.

I also managed to achieve two small goals of my children’s wish list.

Some Mickey Mouse Lego and some game credit for my son and a cactus greenhouse and new trainers for my daughter.

These might seem small wishes now. but they’ve made a huge difference in lockdown (the list is bigger now).

All which would not have happened without forever!

To build a successful business with Forever, it’s important to:

  1. Be Positive
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Be brave
  4. Be open-minded
  5. Be motivated to change
  6. Step away from the self-limiting ideas of what you can be or do
  7. Talk to everyone
  8. Ask questions
  9. Listen to the support around you
  10. Be happy doing it
  11. Don’t try to sell — listen and recommend & sow seeds
  12. Look after your people — especially the small stuff (always)! — Beverly.

— Eli —

My background is in academic publishing, I worked for an international agency as a business development manager, I had an amazing well-paid job, I travelled to conferences a good amount of time and it was all glamorous and I really loved it until my son was born.

My priorities then changed — I didn’t want to be the mother who is going to be in the office all the time or travelling whilst someone else is looking after my son.

So I started looking for something different and my previous employer from a different agency contacted me to show me the opportunity with Forever and the rest is history.

It was quite challenging at the beginning when I started the business because of my personal circumstances and I have also never run a business before. I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve always worked for someone before so this was quite a challenge.

I think however by being persistent and consistent with your activities and not giving up when things are not going great will actually get you on the right track to succeed.

What keeps me motivated to succeed in the future is that I want to provide for my son a decent lifestyle and also to show him that hard work and not giving up will help him achieve anything he wants in life.

With Forever I hope to achieve financial freedom that will allow me to provide the best for my son including private education and travelling all around the world to enrich his life with some wonderful experiences.

So far the bonuses have helped me pay the bills and do things around the house that I wouldn’t have normally had done and afford quite a few luxuries too.

I have been particularly inspired by some female leaders in the company – amazing strong women who have put so much effort, time and dedication into helping other people build their businesses and have achieved so much along the way.

I absolutely love working with my team planning together and sharing the excitement of achieving targets and goals and seeing them achieve feels me with pride and joy and there is no other feeling like it! — Eli.

— Istvan —

I’m from Hungary. I studied to be an actor and I have worked in theatres and appeared on tv since I was a child.

Later on in life, I went into retail and I have been a manager of several retail stores. Until I discovered my true passion: cooking.

I discovered that I had a talent for cooking and I retrained myself to be a chef and cooked for friends and family and restaurants.

As any good chef, I had to taste all the dishes before they went out to the tables and I became double the size of my original body.

This is when I have discovered Forever Living.

Back in 2007, one of our guests became a good friend of mine and he saw how I struggled with my weight. I tried a lot of things to lose weight, but none of them gave me a quick result so I stopped before I could see any results.

Then, my friend introduced me to the C9 program.

Those 9 days completely turned my world around.

In just 9 days I lost almost 9 kg, which was an incredible thing for me!

I had more energy and never felt so good.

That gave me the right push forward and I picked up healthy habits and started exercising.

I went from 114kg I down to 71 kg.

I got interested in the business as well as during this time a lot of friends of mine and customers were asking how on earth I managed to do this — but before jumping in I had to ask myself a few questions:

  1. What did I have to lose?
  2. Would I be good at it?
  3. Would anyone follow me?
  4. Do I know enough or am I good enough?

Ultimately, my conclusion was that I have nothing to lose with the Start Your Journey Pack, as I already loved and used the products.

I wasn’t good at cooking until I learned how to be, so I just needed to learn this whole new thing.

People were already asking me about my diet and I’d realised they were already following me.

I went to most of the trainings, read a lot of books and attended all the seminars that the company provided.

The things I have learned during that time have had a huge impact on my life.

From a customer, I became a supervisor and I really enjoyed the extra income. I improved a lot more as a person in 1 year than all the years before I found Forever.

During the lockdown, I had to learn to put this business 100% online. That was a real challenge for me as I always been a very social person. But, thankfully Forever Living quickly adapted to the situation and provided online training and online presentations alongside the help of my sponsor.

I learned how to work from home online and it gave me huge confidence to retail and offer my business to others — a business I truly believe in.

Forever never stopped paying me during the past few months (no 20% cut) and never left me alone and my trust that I can build a long-lasting, stable and profitable business never been stronger.

I just carry on and do the basics every single day and help my team to achieve more! — Istvan.

— Fiona —

My background is in Finance and I have worked in my current role as Student Finance Manager at a University for 20 years.

Back in 2015, I was looking for a way to earn an extra income to help pay for my wedding in Rhodes, but I didn’t have enough time to fit in a part-time job.

Then I came across a post on Facebook advertising working from home.

When I was shown all the information and I saw how flexible it was I knew this was the right fit for me. I could fit it in around working full-time and not have to give up any time with my family.

When I first got started I was very nervous and it was a challenge for me, but with the help and support around me I grew in confidence and I have done lots of self-development which has had a big impact on my life.

I’m motivated by the incredible people around me every day.

I’m excited to get to work and the feeling I get from helping people is just amazing.

I would say this has been the best part of my journey so far being able to help others.

I am laser-focused on the future and can’t wait to achieve my goals one of which is to have financial stability to not have to worry about what I’m spending my money on and to take my family on lots of lovely holidays.

My biggest inspiration comes from Natalie. I often pinch myself that I get to work with her every day.

Nothing is ever too much trouble even with all my questions. Her support means everything to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

The additional income over the years has had a big impact on my family. It paid for my wedding in Rhodes in 2016 which was just amazing.

It was like a fairy tale.

Since then it has paid for our family holidays each year and all the little extras along the way.

One of the most memorable moments in my journey has been meeting Aiden O’Hare. He was so friendly and supportive and it’s a day that I will never forget.

The best thing that it has given me has to be the friendships I have made along the way with others that work with us, but also my customers, some of which I have no doubt I would never have met if it hadn’t taken that first step back in 2015.

To succeed in network marketing you need to work closely with the person that is helping you to plan your month and then break that down into weeks so you know exactly what you’re doing each week and each day.

Don’t overthink things and just follow the steps you are shown. Take advantage of all the support and training that is offered and you will soon be achieving what you want! — Fiona.

There is Light if You Look For it!

I want to thank these wonderful women so much for sharing their stories! It’s truly amazing what you can do with the right help (and the right attitude)!

This global pandemic has changed so much, but there has honestly never been a better time to get into network marketing — I can help you see the light!

What is your story?

What are you struggling with right now?

How much income do you need to make to get back on track?

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